HOW TO HIDE YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS !!! 

You also can follow this video :- 

Follow these steps to hide your subscribers :-

Step 1 : Open youtube on your browser .

Step 2 : Then click on your profile badge (make sure you are logged in with your youtube account) .

Step 3 : Now click on Creator Studio 

Step 4 : it will redirect you to your channels dashboard 

Step 5 : now you need to click on the channel(follow the image) 

Step 6 : After Clicking , you will get list of options , then you need to click on advanced 

Step 7 : now you need to scroll down and find out the subscribers count

Step 8 : Now you need to uncheck the 1st option and check the second option (do not display number of people subscribed to my channel )

Step 9 : That's it Folks !!! you are done with it !!
Step 10 : Thanks for Showing your interest in my content !! :) 
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