Top 5 Horror and Comedy Movies from Hollywood

If you love to watch and enjoy movies in your laptop with a tub of ice cream. 

Then you are at correct place, here i am suggesting you the top 5 best movies in different categories.

These movies you can watch with your loved ones. 

We will be frequently adding more best movies in all below movie list.

You can also suggest us any good movie which we forgot to add in this best movies list.  

*** Horror Movies List ***

1.) The Conjuring 

horror movies recent

Trailer : Click here

The conjuring is the one the best horror movie. The conjuring is based on the true events. 

In this movies a family moved to a house and they started experiencing paranormal activities and how a priest helped them to get out of that situation.

The Conjuring is full of suspense and thriller. one of the best English horror movie to watch. watch it you wont regret it.   

2.) The Grudge

Horror Movies based on true stories

                                                              Trailer : Click here

The grudge is another super horror movie coming after the conjuring  in the list. 

In this movie a family moves in a new house where in house a bad spirit was already residing.

Now how they deals with this super natural power on day to day basis builds the plot.

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3.) Annabelle Creation 

horror movies popular
Trailer : Click Here

Annabelle creation is based on a true event of a girl's tragic death. 

A man trapped his little daugter's soul in a doll and the doll somehow reached to a family.

The doll made the family's life so horrible. This movies can give you sleepless nights if you are up for it.  

4.) The Exorcist 

Top Horror Movies 2020

Trailer : Click here 

The Exorcist is a horror movie which will give you chills. 

if you watch it today then you won't be able to go toilet alone in your home.

This Movie is based on exorcism where a person starts behaving abnormally by speaking various different language and her mother got tensed about him and seeks for medical help.

We challenge you to watch this movie and find out what happened the next.

5.) SAW

Trailer : Click here 

Saw is one of the Halloween favorite movie of people as it came out on Halloween

this is the most scary movie after the exorcist. Saw is also recognized as most realistic and modern horror and scary movie with full of suspense and plot twists. 

Saw is full of puzzles clue and riddles reveals that their captor is jigsaw killer but that was the only beginning of what follows. 

Best Funny Movies of all Time  

1.) Dumb and Dumber 

Dumb and Dumber

Trailer : Click here 

This is another funny movie blockbuster masterpiece from Jimcarry. watch it and thank me later . 

20 years since their first adventure, Lloyd and Harry go on a road trip to find Harry's newly discovered daughter, who was given up for adoption.

2.) The Dictator

The Dictator

Trailer : Click here

The dictator is one the best funny movies i have ever seen.

In this movie a dictator had to spent few days in america which was very hard for him.

As he stayed only in his luxury and people were there to listen his orders.

3.) The Hangover

Trailer : Click here 

The Hangover is one of best comedy funny movie.

In this movie three friends wake up from bachelor party in LA, with no memory of last night and bachelor/groom missing. 

They started their day to find their bachelor friend before his wedding.

Hangover's all jokes lands perfectly, few more movies still make me laugh every time i watch them and this is one of them.

4.) Due Date 

Due Date

Trailer : Click here 

Another movie in best comedy movie is Due Date.

Peter highman father to be joined a ride with a struggling actor Ethan tremble on a road trip to make it to his child's birth on time.

After getting kicked off from the flight due to his fellow seat passenger. 

5.) Deadpool

Trailer : Click Here

I enjoyed consistently every second of this movie.

This is end up being a moment great and perhaps the best motion picture Marvel has made. 

From the main scene I was overwhelmed. 

if you are 12 year old or more I highly recommend you to watch this film. 

I can't state more without spoiling the picture so go see it.

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